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I've got almost three weeks to make Pesach -- that is, to make magic in my apartment, turning it from a plain, filthy one-room hovel into a glorious, beautiful Roman triclinium.

My brain is less able to focus on work during these weeks -- and that's OK. It really is. It's OK not only when I'm tootling around Washington Heights and attending a "class" every few days or so, and occasionally doing some reading for said "class", but even when I'm occupied with hardcore work at the IMHM on a daily basis. It's OK to get less work done, as long as I'm still regularly doing work.
  • Two days ago (Saturday night), I removed my mattress from the slat base, and put it on the floor.
  • On Sunday morning, I bought a plunger (and successfully cleared out the drain of the kitchen sink, which had been clogged and festering with a cesspool of bacteria for weeks).
  • On that same shopping trip, I bought a mat and a blanket, to put over the slat base, to turn it into a bed. Even with these, it was still not usable.
  • Later on Sunday, I did a fair amount of work on my Haggada. I would like to finish all corrections and updates by Friday, and send it to then.
  • This morning (Monday), I brought my suits to the drycleaner, and the Torah scroll's torn mantel to the tailor. On the same shopping trip, I bought three large pillows (sale: 15 NIS each, only three left) to put between the ratty-blanket-lying-on-the-slats and the new-(albeit-smallish)-blanket-that-I-had-bought-yesterday. I also bought four decorative cushions.
  • I set up the large pillows between the blankets, and lo, that thing is starting to become a rather comfortable bed.
  • What else did I buy this morning? Don't remember. I need to find little tables somewhere.
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