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This past Saturday night, I ordered my haggadoth from

As of today, they still had not shipped, and I was beginning to get worried.

I went to the support chat. The good news is that the support staff were quite good: They spoke English, understood the problem, and were able to explain to me what was going on.

The bad news is that my order had been cancelled, because the credit card had failed. (I'm pretty sure the reason for this is that I clicked "use shipping address as billing address", and the shipping address was my dad's address, rather than one with my name.)

So, this meant that I would need to start from scratch.

I re-uploaded the PDF, and made a new order. The problem is that printing can take 3-5 business days (though it never has taken more than two days in my experience, and has even taken one day), and my father is leaving for Israel on Wednesday night.

So, I chose "express shipping" (24 hours after printing), which cost me a bloody fortune -- $60. I sure hope it arrives in time. If it prints tomorrow, then it will arrive at my dad's place on Saturday; if it ships on Monday, it will arrive at his place on Tuesday; if it ships on Tuesday, it will arrive at his place on Wednesday.

If it ships later, I simply won't receive it.

But that will be OK, right? I can calm down? If that happens, I can print 3 or 4 copies at a print shop here, even though they won't be nicely bound? And if I have more than four people at either seider, people can share.

It won't be super-beautiful, or impressive for me, but does it really need to be? Isn't that just feeding narcissism, not freedom? (That is, it's OK to want it to be beautiful, but if I'm going to freak out and feel like a failure if it's not, that's not going to be good for me at all.)
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