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Over 50 months ago (4+ years), I made a list of toys that I wanted:
1. käppchen
2. printer-scanner-copier
3. festive green porôches for Yomim Tôvim
4. painting of myself
5. sifrei mikro on kelof
6. Computer program for creating musical notation
In the meantime, I have actually gotten 1-5:
1. I've got 6 käppchen: three black, two white, one green.
2. I bought a printer-scanner-copier about four years ago. It had issues throughout its lifespan: it was slow, often didn't do what I wanted to do, had a terrible scan feature, and sometimes didn't work at all. I threw it out last year.
3. It's not a professionally-made parokheth, but I do have a nice piece of green fabric, cut to size and shape, hanging on my aron qodesh.
4. I've got two paintings of myself, painted by Janet.
6. Jen wrote me Ekha and Qoheleth, and gave me a Sefer Tora. I would still like to commission the others, of course, but this is a big start.
I never did get #6.

I should now make a new list of toys which I would like:
1. Because I never did get that musical-notation software, let me make it #1 here. I would still like it, but don't know when I'll buy it.
2. Shtraimel.
3. Green wrap-dress.
4. Bekkishe.
5. Enormous huggable plush wolf.
6. Enormous huggable plush lion.
7. I'll have my (=Louisa's, but in my possession through at least 2027) electric piano when I return to New York in September, but it might be nice one day to buy a real acoustic piano with hammers and strings. For that matter, it would be nice to have a an ‘oud to hang on the wall, and maybe learn how to play it, and have professional or amateur lutenists play it while I have dinner parties. And maybe even a chamber orchestra, in order to be able to have concerts of chamber music, and even chamber operas, in my living room.
8. Of course, the other books of Tanakh on klaf.
How's that for a start?
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